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Check-In at Our Boulder Bed and Breakfast

Points To Cover With Guests

Points to Cover Once in Room

Room Specific Pointers

  1. In rooms 4 and 5 in the winter, make sure the fireplace flu is open (the control and indicator are on the front of the fireplace), tell them whether or not it is okay to burn a fire today, and if they are staying multiple days tell them they need to check in every day for bans or risk a large fine from the city.
  2. In rooms 4, 5, 6 and 8 show them the heater/AC unit and remote control and tell them how to use it!! (They must point the remote at the unit and they must hear a beep or else temp is not really changing).
  3. In room 8, show them how to open, shut, lock and unlock door to balcony.
  4. In rooms 1 and 3, point out that if they lock the deadbolt on one door and leave through the other, they will not be able to get back in through the door whose deadbolt was locked.  Sounds like a no-brainer but it trips up a lot of people and they get frustrated!
  5. In rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, show them the back parking lot.


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