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The Crestone Room

This large room has a queen bed, and features a bath with a tub and shower, a vanity, a love seat, and a writing desk. Hand-painted ribbons and flowers adorn the wall above the bed. This is a quiet and lovely room. Satellite TV is provided.

The Crestone room

The bathroom...

Crestone bathroom

An alternate view of the room, looking toward the window to the back garden.

An alternate view, looking toward the window to the back garden.

Amenities of this Green Boulder Lodging include:

Crestone Peak (to the right of center), elevation: 14,294 ft, flanked on the left by Kit Karson Peak, and on the right by Crestone needle. Together the Crestones form a long and jagged ridge. In the foreground are the Great Sand Dunes, roughly 130 square miles of sand with the tallest dune reaching about 800 ft. The dunes are constantly sculpted by the wind. Located in the high San Luis Valley, the Great Sand Dunes are sureal, and fun! The San Luis Valley is surrounded by tall Mountains, and the valley itself is high and enormous, at an elevation of about 7,500 feet, and covering about 8000 square miles. For comparison, the state of Connecticut is 5,543 square miles.
(Photograph courtesy of Bill Middlebrook and ©1989-2005 - Bill Middlebrook. All rights reserved.)



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