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Environmental Development Plan

One key element that sets our environmental commitment apart from that of other Boulder hotels is our Environmental Development Plan, particularly its funding. This plan addresses which capital expenditures we intend to make in order to reduce the environmental impact of our guests traveling to Boulder. The plan is funded with one percent of revenues (before expenses). This amounts to approximately $3,500 per year. This plan lacks the timing element that is found in most plans because, first, our planning is dynamic based on current conditions, and, second, there are dependencies between these capital expenditures and our other capital expenditures. We remodel areas regularly and the areas we choose to remodel are not primarily driven by environmental concerns, but rather toward making the rooms more welcoming, aesthetic, and functional for our guests. When an area is remodeled, the related green component of that remodel will occur simultaneously to allow for the economy of having all the electrical, plumbing, drywall and other trade work occur at the same time. Our view of which rooms call for being remodeled evolves based on circumstances, changes in understanding, our fluctuating capacity to manage difficult projects, and financial we can have only the most tentative of plans.

The green capital expenditures we currently envision are (in order of their likely occurrence):


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