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Front Desk Manager Description


The employee must have demonstrated a high level of understanding of the Briar Rose's practices and policies, and demonstrated a high level of responsibility and attention to detail. This position is only available to current employees (i.e., with an inside promotion).



Revenue Management


Front Desk Management



Food Management


Hours and Pay

This is a two hour a day job that the employee self-schedules. When working in this job, the employee should focus on this job and only work on other things as an unusual exception (no making of tea, no checking guests in/out, no watching the phone, no socializing, no surfing, etc). It is the front desk manager's responsibility to provide this integrity when requests for help are made by management and staff (in other words, reminding them what job is being performed). The front desk manager should not say "no" to a guest, but instead go find another staff person to address the guest request. The length of the 2 hour shift should almost never be exceeded. If the front desk manager responsibilities are completed for the day, then the employee clocks out of the front desk manager job. There is a $3/hour bonus offered over the employee's normal rate of pay for this job as the job is tedious, clerical and requires an extreme attention to detail. The employee marks this job's hours separately on the back of the time card so a higher rate of pay will be given. Should the person do other Briar Rose work that is not front desk manager work, then the employee should book time at the normal rate of pay.


Current Netrate Strategy

Netrate reservations have a discount that is large. Netrate means, expedia, sidestep,, and reservations. We pursue this business with the rationale that (a) it gives us a wider web presence: guests will often see us on these websites and book directly with us (without the discount); (b) we establish a connection with the netrate guest where the guest books directly with us on future stays; (c) we will fill rooms in the low season that we would normally not fill; and (d) we fill roomnights that are "stranded" (ask what this means).

We try to limit the amount of this business due to its high cost (i.e., the large discount). Specifically, we only offer stranded roomnights to netrate in the summer (June through August) or on summer nights that are ten days out or less and show 2 or fewer reservations. In the other months (September - May), we offer Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday on a "far-out" basis. We define "far-out" as three weeks or more from the present day. However, we never put the Northstar or Shavano rooms into netrate inventory because we cannot rely on knowing which bed configuration the netrate guest wants due to the fact that we have less communication with these guests. We rarely offer Fridays and Saturdays on a far-out basis because we are generally stronger and weekends and want full-paying guests.

In this job, the inventory management of the "far-out" business is simply to adhere to the strategy set above. This takes little time. The exception to this is to remove roomnights on the "far-out" business if it appears that we will have no difficulty selling these nights (due to some special event). Most of the netrate work in this job is to manage the "close-in" inventory. Specifically, what we try to do:


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