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Housekeeping Shift at our Boulder Lodging


Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning rooms that guests have vacated and preparing them for new guests to occupy.  Housekeepers must also clean the “stayovers”-rooms of guests who spent the last night at the inn and will stay that night as well.  Stayovers have a separate set of cleaning criteria.  The housekeeping shift is also responsible for unloading the dishwasher following breakfast, and doing laundry throughout their shift.  Laundry must be carefully monitored throughout the shift in order to ensure that the night shift is capable of completing it in a limited amount of time. 


As a rule the room should not have any evidence that it was occupied in the past by other guests.  This means that the bed, furniture, floors, bathroom and other furnishings must be completely clean and free of hair or dust.  Any complimentary items that guests may have used must also be replaced or refilled.  In general a room takes about 1 hour to thoroughly clean.  The steps involved in cleaning a room follow.
  1. Open the Blinds

    When you enter the room open the blinds and crack a window for ventilation.

  2. Strip and remake the bed

    Take the sheets, pillowcases and blankets off the bed. Remove the decorative pillowcases and wash them if they have been slept on. When replacing the decorative pillowcases be sure to match them to the duvet cover and the room's furnishings.

  3. Remove Dirty Dishes

    Take dirty water glasses, the water bottle and any tea trays or other dishes to the kitchen. Wash and refill the water bottle with filtered water and bring it to the room along with two clean water glasses

  4. Arrange Brochures

    Neatly arrange the Briar Rose brochure, postcard, BHMA brochure and Do Not Disturb sign on the desk or dresser where they are kept.  If any of the brochures appear to be worn out or creased, be sure to replace them.

  5. Check Drawers and Closets

    Look in all the drawers and closets, and under the bed for items left behind by previous guests.  This must be done to ensure that future guests do not find anything left behind by other people. 

  6. Check Flowers

    Make sure that the flowers still look fresh and have plenty of water.  If they are unacceptable they should be replaced. 

  7. Dust All Surfaces

    The tops of desks and dressers, headboards and footboards, baseboards, mirrors, lampshades and trim should all be dust free.  This is particularly important in rooms with hardwood floors since they accumulate more dust. 

  8. Wipe Telephone Clean

    Use a clean rag with housekeeping cleaner on it to clean the entire telephone and disinfect the mouthpiece. 

  9. Check Notepad and Pencil

    Replace the notepad and pencil if they are running low or missing.  Arrange both neatly in the vicinity of the telephone. 

  10. Empty Trash Cans

    Housekeepers should carry a large trash bag throughout their shift and empty the trash cans into it.  Since we try to reduce our waste as much as possible only replace the trash can liners if they are soiled. 

  11. Vacuum Carpet or Sweep and Swiffer Floors

    Thoroughly vacuum carpeted rooms.  In rooms 4,5, and 7 where there are hardwood floors you should first sweep the floor and then use the swiffer broom to finish them.  Spray Murphy's Oil Soap on the swiffer and thoroughly cover all areas of the room paying particular attention to areas such as under beds and furniture where dust tends to collect. 

  12. Rooms 4 and 5 - Clean Fireplaces

    Take the ash and partially burned wood from the fireplace.  The ash should be deposited in the black, metal can kept on the back porch outside rooms 4 and 5.  Once the fireplace is clean newspapers, kindling, and firewood should be put inside it to facilitate guests making a fire.  The container next to the fireplace should be restocked with wood and kindling from the woodshed, or the living room fireplace area.

  13. Replace Facial Tissue

    The tissue boxes in the bedroom and bathroom need to be replaced when they are running low or empty. 

  14. Turn Off Alarm Clock

    Check to make sure that the alarm clock is off and that it shows the correct time.  Also be sure to dust the clock. 

  15. Regulate the Heat or AC

    If the room will be empty for some time be sure to turn the heat down.  If the guests turned the thermostat drastically up or down you should return it to a normal temperature. 

  16. Rooms 1 and 10 - Convert Beds

    Check ResO to see how the beds in rooms 1 and 10 should be configured.  Convert them accordingly and place the unneeded  bedding in the appropriate location.  The conversion kit and bedding for room 1 go in the linen closet on the left hand side.  For room 10 the same go in the chest located on the balcony outside the room. 

  17. Rooms 9 and 10 - Turn off Exterior Lights

    These lights need to be turned off if a guest is not expected that evening. 

  18. Bathroom - Replace Towels

    Collect all used towels and bathmats and bring them to the sunroom for laundering.  Get new towels from the armoire in the west wing hallway and hang them on the towel racks in the room.  If soiled, replace the bathmat with a clean one from the storage hallway behind the kitchen. 

  19. Bathroom - Refill Bath Products

    If the bath products (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, hand soap) are less than 3/4 full they must be refilled to the top from the large jugs kept in the frig/freezer hallway behind the kitchen. 

  20. Bathroom - Clean the Sink

    Scrub the entire sink paying close attention to the metal fixtures.  The faucet and handles should be shiny when you are done. 

  21. Bathroom - Clean Mirror

    Wipe the entire mirror and be sure to leave behind no streaks.

  22. Bathroom - Clean Bath Tub or Rain Shower

    Scrub the entire tub or shower including metal fixtures and glass walls.  Pay close attention to the outside wall facing the sink because it is frequently dirty or streaky.

  23. Bathroom - Clean the Toilet

    Wipe every surface on the outside of the toilet and all parts of the seat and cover.  Scrub the bowl of the toilet with the toilet brush and bowl cleaning liquid.  Make sure to clean the base of the toilet where it attaches to the floor. 

  24. Bathroom - Clean the Floor

    Scrub the entire floor taking care to remove all hair and debris.

  25. Recheck the Entire Room

    When you are finished cleaning the room take a minute to reevaluate your work.  Make sure that all steps have been completed and that everything is in perfect order for the next guest's arrival.


Stay overs require less work, but the same attention to detail as check outs.

  1. Make the bed

    While you do not have to replace the sheets and pillowcases, it is important that you remake the bed so it looks the way it did when the guest arrived. 

  2. Collect Dirty Dishes

    Take all dirty dishes and tea trays back to the kitchen to be cleaned.

  3. Refill Water Bottle

    Take the water bottle to the kitchen and refill it with filtered water.  Replace any water glasses that are visibly dirty.

  4. Vacuum Carpet

    If the carpet has visible dirt it must be vacuumed.  This is especially important for guests staying several nights.

  5. Take Out Trash

    Empty the garbage cans and replace the plastic liners if they are dirty.

  6. Bathroom

    Wipe down the sink and make sure that there are no hairs anywhere in the bathroom. 

  7. Replace Towels

    If any towels are placed on the floor they must be restocked with fresh ones. 

  8. Refill Complimentary Items

    If any of the complimentary items or toilet paper have been substantially depleted they must be refilled or replaced. 

Extended Stay Procedure

If a guest will be staying longer than 3 nights their room should be given a thorough cleaning comparable to what would be done if they were checking out. This requires going through the normal check out checklist while taking care not to disturb the guest's personal items. This should be performed after every third night the same guest has stayed at the inn.


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