Recipes from Our Colorado Inn

Breakfast at Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast offers a variety of delights: Everything is organic, pasture-raised, and grass-fed when available: fresh fruit, creamy yogurt, tasty egg dishes, our fabulous toasty homemade granola, vegetarian dishes, and home-baked treats. Some of these recipes are our own, like the Southwestern Frittata, the Salsa Rojo, and the Granola. Most have been refined  by our staff over the years, and many of the bread recipes were handed down to us from the previous B&B owners. When the recipes are not ours, we will do our best to give proper recognition. However, in many cases they have been floating around the Briar Rose for so long – long before we bought the inn – that we simply do not know where they came from. Our intent here is both to provide you with fun time-tested recipes, and to give you an idea of the many treats you may see when you stay with us. Enjoy!

We apologize for the small number of recipes. We are in the process of moving recipes from our old website to this one. It will take us some time. Please check back. Thanks!

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Greek Scrambled Eggs

Greek Scrambled Eggs Well, that’s what I call them. I make no claim that they have any real connection to Greek cuisine, but they are tasty.

Olive Tapenade

Olive Tapenade This is great with a variety of egg dishes, on sandwiches, bread, etc. You can experiment with how finely to chop the ingredients. I prefer them to be somewhat coarse. Sun-dried tomatoes have huge variability, and can make … Continue reading


Pancakes Pancakes are great with all sorts of toppings! Whipped cream and/or fruit compotes are some of our favorites. The cooking time really depends on how many you cook at once, which depends on size and quantity of the skillets … Continue reading

Salsa Rojo

Salsa Rojo This is a simple recipe that has a rich chili flavor. The recipe calls for canned chilies only because it is difficult to get good tomatoes most of the year. If you can get truly good, ripe tomatoes, … Continue reading

Salsa Verde (Italian style)

Salsa Verde (Italian style) This Salsa Verde is a nouveau Italian Salsa Verde where lemon is substituted for the traditional vinegar and walnuts for anchovies. It was inspired by Deborah Madison’s recipe of the same name in her cookbook “The … Continue reading

Southwestern Egg Casserole

Southwestern Egg Casserole Like a frittata, but better! Loads of veggies and flavor. We generally serve this with Salsa Rojas, Salsa Verde, or both!